Conflict Islands Resort


We are currently offering the unique opportunity to visit The Conflict Islands as part of exclusive packages including everything you need to enjoy this tropical and remote paradise far far away from the distractions of everyday life.

The Conflict Islands is comprised of 21 privately owned, pristine and completely uninhabited islands covering a total landmass of 375 Hectares (925 acres). At the Conflict Islands Resort there are 6 private beach front en-suite bungalows situated on the main island of Panasesa just a stone’s throw away from the beach. Situated along a short white sandy pathway lies the main house where you can enjoy peace and tranquility whilst enjoying our delicious fresh and local food, drinks, free wi-fi internet, beach front deck and a first floor balcony overlooking the stunning Conflict Islands and lagoon waters with colours like no other place on earth.

Please see below for our current rates and dates, and please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more or to book your holiday of a lifetime. If you are a group of 10 or more, you can exclusively hire the Conflict Islands Resort including the 21 islands privately and select dates that suit you best. Private flights can also land at our private airstrip.

5 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 5,125 per person from 5th October to 11th October

7 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 6,775 per person from 17th October to 25th October

5 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE –  PGK 5,125 per person from 29th October to 4th November

7 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 6,775 per person from 14th November to 22nd November

5 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 5,125 per person from 12th December to 18th December

4 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 4,300 per person from 19th December to 24th December

7 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 6,775 per person from 7th January to 15th January

5 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 5,125 per person from 16th January to 22th January

4 DAYS ON ISLAND PACKAGE – PGK 4,300 per person from 25th  January to 30th January

Beach Front Bungalows

All of our bungalows on Panasesa Island in The Conflict Islands face the lagoon beach with breath taking views over the other 20 islands just a few steps away from our signature white powdery sandy beaches and pristine clear turquoise water. Whilst waking up to the sunrise over the rest of the atoll, enjoy fresh PNG plunger coffee, tea, a fully stocked bar fridge and drinking water straight from the tap. Bungalows are all air conditioned with private balconies, hammocks and en-suite bathrooms equipped with hot and cold fresh water showers. The bungalows can be configured in various ways to accommodate your needs for either couples, families, or singles traveling together.

Main House

Our main house at Panasesa is the hub of the island where all meals are freshly prepared and served either outdoors on our beach front deck or upstairs on the balcony overlooking the stunning lagoon atoll or when weather does not permit, indoors in the upstairs dinning room. Upstairs there is also a comfortable lounge perfect for socializing where you have access to our free wi-fi through the islands VSAT internet system, and be looked after by our friendly and attentive local staff whilst you relax and enjoy this truly pristine and private paradise.


Travel to the islands takes approximately 12 hours on our vessel, MV Undersea Explorer, depending on weather, which has full amenities including air conditioning throughout and comfortable sleeper cabins for up to 14 passengers. The journey to the islands are usually done overnight, departing Alotau in the early afternoon, so after sleeping through the travel you wake the following morning at the islands ready for a full day of activities or relaxing. Upon departing the islands the same applies, the vessel departs after an early dinner onshore for your arrival into Alotau in time for a transfer to the airport for your return flight back to Port Moresby and beyond. Private flights directly to our air strip can also be arranged from Port Moresby.


Diving & Snorkeling

Milne Bay Province is full of life and incredible underwater life with the diving listed in the top three world sites, according to National Geographic Magazine. Assessments conducted in Milne Bay several years ago recorded nearly 430 species of coral, 950 species of mollusks and over 1,100 species of fish, many found nowhere else in the world. The Conflict Islands are sensational for diving and snorkeling alike offering unparalleled experiences where so few have been able to venture.

With the entire atoll being one huge dive and snorkel site, divers and snorkelers will see many of the amazing marine animals as they drift along the incredible walls an channels, looking at the myriad of tiny fish and larger schools of pelagics.



Sail away, sail away, sail away. Sunrise or sunset. Laser or traditional sailing canoe (similar to a sailing catamaran). Novice or daredevil. The choice is your. There is an endless list of sailing experiences you can enjoy within the atoll. Check out the segment on Getaway on Channel 7 where Lynne heads off on her Conflict Islands sailing adventure with PNG locals. Find in the Press section of this website.

Private Beach Picnic

With 21 islands private islands at your disposal,there is something for everyone whether it is to find turtles, look for rare seabirds or to spend a day as naked as nature intended, this is the place to do it. We will drop you off at you own beach on a nearby uninhabited island with a beautiful fresh picnic, sparkling white wine, drinks and whatever else you might want during the day along with beach chairs, snorkeling gear, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of your own private island away from the crowds for a duration of your choice.


Kayaking & Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

Pick up your clear bottom kayaks or stand-up paddle board and head off on your own adventure. All of our equipment of free of charge to use for our guests so you can get up close and personal with the shallow water coral gardens, tropical fish and turtles. The coral reef and fish life starts right from the shore whilst you can also venture out a little further to get a glimpse of some of our outer reef marine life with even our local Manta Rays known to check out the kayaks. Land your kayak on the sandy shore where a beach picnic or sunset cocktail await. Yes you are in heaven!


Milne Bay has recorded a third of the world’s species of marine fish and is listed as an ‘ecological hotspot’ with some of the greatest marine biodiversity in the world. The Conflict Islands is therefore home to an abundance of fish meaning large birds of prey such as White-Bellied Sea Eagles, Osprey’s and Brumley Kite’s prowl the shores in search for food. During the summer months, nesting turtles can be found flooding the waters off The Conflict Islands will many of them being key nesting beaches for both Green & Hawksbill Turtles, including Panasesa Island.

Kite Surfing

Milne Bay Province has two distinct seasons with June til September offering some of the best kite surfing conditions you could wish for. With sheltered shallow lagoons and sand banks scattered around The Conflict Islands’ atoll combining with steady wind of up to 25-30 kts and know one else to get in your way, you can always be sure you will have an amazing day kiting.


Flora & Fauna

Being an atoll formed from a volcano, the Conflict Islands are surrounded by deep troughs and good strong clear water ocean currents, making them one big pressure point. Millions of fish feed off the rich currents that hit against the walls of reefs that surround the island group. The natural lagoons and sandy beaches make it ideal for green and hawksbill turtles to nest, rest and feed. Migrating Orca, Minky, Pilot, Humpback whales, Manta rays, dolphins and sharks all regularly visit the island group.

Science & Research

Here at The Conflict Islands, we have the unique opportunity to host science and research expeditions assisting with logistics along the way in this difficult to access and remote part of the world. With a fully commercially, Australian surveyed SCUBA Diving Live aboard vessel, MV Undersea Explorer, and a well developed island base, we can help plan and coordinate even the complex missions.

Island Walks

The main island of Panasesa on the eastern part of the atoll will be your base and is the only island within the atoll holding any infrastructure. There is also a beautifully crafted island pathway circumnavigating Panasesa Island approximately 2 kms around giving our visitors the perfect opportunity to enjoy the island and its stunning panoramic views finding an idyllic location to spend the day in paradise.