1. How do I purchase items on the island?

You can pay for anything on the island using our island vouchers which come in $1, $2.50, $5, $10, $20, $50 & $100. These vouchers can be purchased at our voucher stations conveniently at key areas of the island such as your first entrance onto the island and main back beach hub.

2. Can I pay with cash on the island?

Certain areas of the island accept cash as well as vouchers which includes the Activities Centre for hire of Kayaks, Stand-Up Paddle Boards and Snorkeling Gear. We also accept cash at the Welcome Centre and Due South Bar.

3. Can I use EPTPOS to pay with credit cards?

We accept EFTPOS card payments at the Welcome Centre and Front Beach Souvenir Shop. These are the only areas on the island where we have internet and can process the card payment. You can also buy vouchers using your credit card at the Welcome Centre.

4. What currencies are accepted on the island?

All prices on the island are in Australian Dollars but we accept all major currencies when purchasing our vouchers. The major currencies include PNG Kina, US Dollars, Euro’s and GB Pounds. See here for all major currency exchange rates.

5. Can I get a refund for my vouchers if I don’t spend them?

You can receive a refund for your vouchers but there is a $2.50 fee for doing so, so it is recommended that you change how much vouchers you need based on the pricelists at the voucher stations.

6. Can I take my wooden carvings back into Australia?

All souvenirs available to purchase on the island are all cleared by customs to return to Australia including wood carvings and products.

7. Where on the island will we land?

The cruise ship will usually anchor at our front beach fixed jetty location on the south-east side of this island as its provides a safe and secure anchorage for the day. If the weather on the south-east side of the island is windy and too rough for anchoring and tendering passengers to the fixed jetty (usually between June and October) you will most likely be brought to our back beach floating jetty on the West side of the island.